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Kazakhstan Weekly Money Market Wrap2022-05-06T12:39:23+06:00

Kazakhstan Weekly Money Market Wrap

Money market instruments reflected stable dynamics remaining to form at the lower bound of the base rate corridor

TONIA kept moving within the same range of 13.06-13.42% as the previous week concluding the trading week with 13.06%.  TRION wrapped up the week at 13.08%, the same [...]

Both overnight and 7-day repo rates are forming in the near corridor closer to the lower boundary of the base rate

TONIA moved within the range of 13.07-13.42% during the week resulting in a 9 bps wider corridor than the last week. TRION started the week with 13.51% before [...]

Overnight repo volumes are gradually decreasing, while rates are kept mostly near the upper boundary of the corridor

TONIA started the week with 13.81% following a rise by 35 bps by Friday. Average daily transaction volume equaled to KZT752.50 bn falling by 2.81% since the previous [...]