Tengri Partners IB is proud to announce yet another successful placement of high-grade credit bond on May 20, 2022 for KSF which tapped the market with an issuance of 250 days and 14.68% weighted average yield.

Yet again we have demonstrated what a true market placement and intense price friction can create for the issuer. Bond was priced with a mere 18 bps spread to the risk-free curve amidst fierce competition for liquidity with even Ministry of Finance only able to raise KZT 12 bn for similar tenor a week earlier.

Investors composition among 6 different participants: 84.2% was subscribed by commercial banks, 5.9% by broker-dealers and 9.9% of the total volume came from other institutional investors. Thus, KFS placement can be considered as a major successful for Kazakhstan’s capital markets since the beginning of March.